FlexEasy Natural Liquid Joint Health Supplement


When a Chiropractor suffers joint pain and is disappointed with regular glucosamine or chondroitin… it’s time to find out why…

The Great Glucosamine and Chondroitin Scandal…

Shocking findings of breakthrough studies reveal the great hoax behind glucosamine and chondroitin and why they won’t give you the joint pain relief and comfort you want!

But here’s the good news— As a Chiropractor, I’ve finally cracked the pain code and unlocked the REAL cartilage building, joint-soothing strength of glucosamine & chondroitin… meaning a faster, more convenient and affordable way to relieve joint pain… guaranteed!

From the desk of Dr, Brad Krueger Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.),

Dear Friend,

When it comes to natural joint health… glucosamine and chondroitin are 2 of the most well-known supplements.

But imagine how MAD you’d be if you found out the expensive joint relief supplements you purchased at your local health food store weren’t doing anything for your pain or joint comfort levels? You’d be mad, and rightfully so!

Well, that’s what many people are noticing with the glucosamine or chondroitin they’re taking!

Some people feel it takes too long to work. Others don’t feel that it works at all.

For me personally, as well as many of my patients… we didn’t notice much of a difference with joint pain relief right away.. IF at all. And maybe you’ve tried it and didn’t feel the relief and comfort you were hoping for?

Well, there’s a real BIG reason why these joint relief ingredients aren’t NEARLY as effective as they COULD be for dealing with joint discomfort as it SHOULD be.

And on the page below, I’m going to show you WHY.

But don’t worry… even if you’ve been disappointed by glucosamine or chondroitin before—I’ll show you how to fix this problem!

See, you can only unlock the true cartilage building, joint-soothing relief of glucosamine and chondroitin when you DO THIS FIRST!

Welcome to the Great Glucosamine and Chondroitin Scandal….

Hi, my name is Dr. Brad Krueger. As a retired 20 year practicing Doctor of Chiropractic… I’ve spent most of my life helping my patients relieve joint pain and discomfort.

And like many of my patients… I used to think that taking glucosamine and chondroitin pills or tablets was THE best thing for relieving joint pain and discomfort.

Well, I learned that’s NOT the case at all. So I want to explain WHY glucosamine and chondroitin will NOT work as well as they COULD when it comes to easing joint pain and soreness.

That’s right, a lot of people aren’t telling you the truth about glucosamine or chondroitin.

But thankfully I was able to crack the code for joint pain relief and I’m going to show you how to use them the RIGHT way to treat uncomfortable joint pain and enjoy soothing relief.

Look, I’m not going to lie. Medical science has determined that glucosamine and chondroitin DO help grow healthy new cartilage so you can have more cushioned, comfortable joints.

Here’s The One BIG Problem…

The problem is… the way you’re taking glucosamine and chondroitin isn’t as effective as it COULD be.

And it’s stopping you from getting joint comfort. I’m going to show you a new and improved way to get the most active joint relief ingredients directly where you need them: your sore and painful joints!

So what can you do if you want to make sure you’re getting the joint pain relief you want from glucosamine and chondroitin?

Here’s My #1 Most Important

Health Tip:

The most important thing to remember when you use glucosamine and chondroitin is how well your body absorbs them and how much your body uses the nutrients!

I say that because the way 99.9% of ALL people take these 2 supplements right now… their bodies don’t properly absorb the active ingredients as well as they should.

It’s true, it takes a long time for your body to break down and absorb glucosamine and chondroitin the way most people take them.

Due to the coating and fillers used… it takes forever for your body to digest them and break down these hard tablets! Because of that… the amount of active glucosamine and chondroitin your body GETS for joint pain relief is minimal.

But here’s the thing. By making sure your body actually DISSOLVES and ABSORBS more of the active glucosamine and chondroitin that help with joint pain relief…

You Can Feel Comfort a LOT


It’s true, when your body breaks down glucosamine and chondroitin right away and absorbs it, you immediately notice a soothing comfort and a relief of your pain.

In fact, I’m saying this could be the most important discovery I’ve ever made for joint pain relief and discomfort.

Take it from me, I know a thing or two about joint pain. As a chiropractor for over 20 year, I’ve spent my life treating joint pain and providing relief to thousands of patients.

When I first started out, I’d recommend glucosamine and chondroitin to patients because I thought they’d help with joint pain and discomfort.

But over time, many patients would say that they really didn’t help with pain relief or aching joints.

How I Stumbled Upon an Important Discovery…

The real “Ah Ha” discovery about the ineffectiveness of glucosamine and chondroitin happened to me in the fall of 2002.

After a summer of playing golf, adjusting patients, and holding my newborn son a lot… my shoulder joints started hurting. In fact, I had to give up the game of golf I loved so much because it was causing pain in my left shoulder when swinging the club.

It even started to negatively affect my work because I had trouble pressing on patients’ backs. The physical demands caused so much pain. In between appointments… I’d use ice bags to numb the pain. At home, I couldn’t hold my son because I had to rest and ice my shoulders. And I couldn’t sleep on either side of my body.

Because the pain wasn’t going away, I went and got an MRI and x-ray on my shoulder. Needless to say, after $2,000 of exams and consultations, I was relieved to find nothing was torn in my shoulder. But, the bad news was… I had some arthritis developing.

My doctor told me I could do cortisone shots for the pain… but I refused because I knew they’d just mask the pain for a bit. They wouldn’t help long term because it wouldn’t get to the root cause of my pain. I didn’t want to get into a constant cycle of needing shots.

I figured I’d just do what I did with patients: use glucosamine and chondroitin. I had read enough studies to know they were supposed to provide some arthritis pain relief.

Well, after using them for months, I was getting no better. In fact my pain got so bad…

I Even Thought About Quitting as

A Chiropractor!

I was just tired of battling the pain and was at the end of my rope.
I had tried just about every pain relief formula or product I could find. And yet, the conventional joint comfort and pain relief solutions missed the mark.

I was tired of taking ibuprofen, I was tired of not feeling relief with glucosamine and chondroitin.

But that’s when it hit me. I started to think “this is MY practice I built, I wasn’t about to give up that easy!”

So, I knew it was in my best interest to figure this out, not just for me and my own pain… but for my patients who put their faith and trust in me.

I set out on a mission to figure out why I wasn’t able to improve my pain with glucosamine and chondroitin. It took a lot of study, and a long time researching, but I finally found something amazing…

And it Made All the Difference For


It all starts with the cushioning you have between your joints. See, when you have less cushion between your joints, one can start rubbing against another… causing pain, inflammation and lack of mobility.

And here’s the amazing thing I learned. Yes, glucosamine and chondroitin DO work, because they’re actually part of normal cartilage.

Cartilage acts as a cushion between the bones in your joints. And healthy cartilage needs three things to be pain-free and able to function properly: water for lubrication and nourishment, proteoglycans to attract and hold water for this lubrication, and collagen to keep the proteoglycans in place.

And glucosamine is a major building block of these proteoglycans. In fact glucosamine has been shown to speed up production of proteoglycans and collagen.It also normalizes cartilage metabolism which helps keep cartilage from breaking down.

Glucosamine DOES help Repair Damaged Cartilage!

Besides stimulating cartilage production, glucosamine reduces joint pain and inflammation.

Chondroitin attracts fluid into the proteoglycan molecules. This fluid acts as a spongy shock absorber and sweeps nutrients into the cartilage.

This protects cartilage, stops it from breaking down and inhibits ‘cartilage destroying’ enzymes. Without this fluid, cartilage becomes malnourished, drier, thinner and fragile.

So Chondroitin was shown to help with joint health as well!

But Here’s The One Big Reason They BOTH Fail!

Glucosamine and chondroitin usually come in tablet or capsule, which is what I had been taking and recommended patients to take.

But they weren’t working. And here’s why. See, during my research, I came across liquid glucosamine products… which I had never really seen before.

I started reading how glucosamine or chondroitin tablets don’t dissolve fully in your stomach… preventing your body from getting the required amounts of each nutrient.

And sure enough, I had been taking glucosamine and chondroitin tablets for months with no real change in pain relief, or comfort.

After reading the research, I tested the glucosamine/chondroitin/msm tablet in our office to see if it dissolved. And the tablet I tested in a mixture of water and vinegar… to try and mimic the stomach’s acid and base balance. And what happened? Well, the glucosamine and chondroitin tablet…

SAT Undissolved in the Glass for Hours!

I didn’t break up until I finally broke it up with a spoon. It was supposed to dissolve in 40 minutes and yet, it stayed undissolved or undigested for HOURS!

This whole time, it wasn’t working like it should because it wasn’t being digested! This was the biggest reason I hadn’t felt any comfort and relief.

the Surprising Case Against Solid
Glucosamine and Chondroitin Tablets…

Sure enough, by taking chondroitin and glucosamine in solid capsule or tablet means they take longer for your body to break down and USE or they don’t break down at all!

That’s right, you may be passing undigested, undissolved tablets right through your body… which is why they don’t help with joint pain relief! I was experiencing the lack of results first hand.

Well, I knew I had to do something about it. I knew if I could get my body to absorb and use glucosamine and chondroitin faster, and easier, I’d get more joint pain relief and also give my patients the kind of joint pain relief they deserved.

But I couldn’t find one that did… so I set out to develop my own joint relief formula…

One that Goes Beyond
Ordinary Joint Pain Relief!

You see, your body has to WORK at breaking down solids before absorbing it through your stomach and into your blood stream.

Because solid glucosamine or chondroitin pills take a long time for your body to break, if they do at all, they may not provide joint pain relief fast enough, if at all. But when glucosamine and chondroitin is in liquid form… your body digests, absorbs and uses it faster and easier than if it was in a solid pill.

And that means you get relief from joint pain much faster! But the thing is, I knew that even by taking liquid glucosamine… it can take months to actually FEEL comfort, because it takes time for it to rebuild cartilage.

Who Wants to Wait Months for Relief

Since I wanted to feel relief fast and wanted to offer that same benefit to my patients… I researched all natural herbs and nutrients that would help me get faster joint pain relief for me and my patients.

This way, those pain-relieving nutrients would take some of the pain away, while the glucosamine and chondroitin worked at rebuilding cartilage. After months of research, I came up with 11 ingredients that would not only help improve my joint pain long term…

They’d Provide Faster Pain Relief

After finding a lab to manufacture a complete liquid glucosamine and chondroitin supplement for me, one that also contained 9 other all-natural nutrients that would help with joint health, comfort, and pain relief… it was time to try out the first sample they sent!

I was blown away and almost in tears of joy! The formula made me feel great within a few weeks.

Unlike solid glucosamine and chondroitin that had little to no affect on my pain and comfort, this worked almost right away!

Finally… I could finally be a normal dad again and toss my son up in the air. I soon was feeling well enough to play golf again. And my business became much more successful, because I could approach it pain-free!

So believe me, when I say I completely understand the problem that joint pain causes. I know from personal experience! And that’s why I’m so grateful to be able to share the result of my research, trial and error, and feedback…

Introducing Liquid FlexEasy™Joint Relief Supplement

As Seen On The News

Here’s what really sets FlexEasy™ apart from other products.

Remember, your body doesn’t break down tablets or pills easy or fast enough, so you won’t feel any joint pain relief. Some may even pass right through your body, undigested and unused!

Imagine how outraged you’d feel if you found out the expensive glucosamine or chondroitin you purchased was NOT giving you the joint pain relief you want to get… because it was being passed out through your body, undigested!

Well, I took care of that by making Flex Easy a liquid that’s quickly and easily absorbed by your body… so you GET the active ingredients that lead to joint relief and less pain!

Flex Easy starts with glucosamine and chondroitin…the world’s most proven supplements for improving joint pain relief and building up your cartilage naturally.

Known for its reputation that’s been supported by years of study and research… I simply made it BETTER! Like I said, glucosamine and chondroitin has been shown to be very effective, but many users don’t feel relief due to low absorption in the stomach.

So I used a liquid form, because it’s absorbed faster and easier than traditional glucosamine and chondroitin.

Because your body digests and absorbs the glucosamine and chondroitin fast, you’ll notice a significant increase in joint pain relief, and you’ll find your joint pain and discomfort is relieved significantly, and quickly. Our delivery system is unique and different from anything else out there because of its fast absorption rate and usability by your body.

And you know what, I could have stopped here and I would have made the most effective joint-comfort product available.

But I took it to the next level by adding 9 more proven-effective ingredients shown in studies to either help with joint-comfort or pain relief!

See… I know it takes time for the glucosamine and chondroitin to help your joints rebuild cartilage and cushion. That’s why I also included a unique blend of pain-relieving ingredients in this formula, in doses based on scientific clinical studies.

That’s right, I also added natural anti-inflammatories and pain blockers that make it far more effective when it comes to relieving discomfort you feel in your joints. This way, you can enjoy short term relief AND the long term joint pain relief and comfort that comes from your body absorbing and using the glucosamine and chondroitin.

And it’s with these additions that make Flex Easy the fast, effective joint relief formula that provides relief in less time.

You Can Feel Soothing Pain Relief in Weeks!

When you take glucosamine and chondroitin like you get in Flex Easy’s liquid form… your body absorbs and uses the active ingredients, unlike pills that don’t break down and dissolve fast enough, or at all.

With FlexEasy’s maximum absorption… your body is getting more of the active joint relief ingredients, so you get rid of joint aches and discomfort much faster and easier.

It’s true, your body is actually absorbing the ingredients that repair cartilage, fight joint and muscle inflammation, and fight the release of your body’s pain triggers.

Since FlexEasy attacks joint discomfort on many different levels, by bringing together of the most powerful nutrients for joint comfort into one formula… it works on multiple levels to address your joint discomfort.

All 100% Natural and Without Side Effects!

Since you only need to take FlexEasy once a day, you don’t have to choke down multiple pills and tablets. And you don’t have to worry whether or not your glucosamine or chondroitin is dissolving and absorbed.

I’m so happy I was able to make this product. Sure, I formulated this product out of my personal experience with joint problems and lots of pain. But in the end, it was worth it, because not only did I help relieve my own pain, I can now help thousands of others.

It’s a rare case when the creator of a joint pain relief product is a doctor and chiropractor who actually suffered from the joint pain that this product helps with!

I use this product myself, so you can be sure that as a Doctor… I wouldn’t put my reputation on the line if I didn’t feel FlexEasy™ works. I wouldn’t even recommend it and tarnish my reputation as a Doctor if I wasn’t 100% sure it’s effective.

There’s no average developer behind this product… you have a 20 year practicing Chiropractor who figured out how to relieve his own pain. When formulating FlexEasy™, I made sure all the products were added in the optimum amounts based on studies, so they work together to promote joint health as well as provide joint pain relief.

I didn’t do what many companies do, which is use cheap ingredients to maximize profit or hide ingredients in a “proprietary blend”. A supplement that lists a “proprietary blend” means the company is hiding the fact the product contains very little of the ingredients.

It’s a Downright Lie They Use to Profit from You!

I use only superior, high-quality ingredients that have solid backing in studies, and use the potent dosages that were used in the studies.

That’s right, I actually put usable amounts in FlexEasy™… amounts based on real studies. That’s why I include all the ingredients and their amounts on the FlexEasy™ label, so you can be sure it provides joint pain relief and promotes healthy joints!

No more worrying about whether your glucosamine or chondroitin is being fully absorbed. When you use Flex Easy, that’s never in question.

It’s the Most Effective Liquid Glucosamine Formula for Maximum Absorption…
Formulated By a Doctor

What makes FlexEasy™ different from other supplements in that you can enjoy more advanced joint pain relief than plain glucosamine and chondroitin because it’s in a liquid for maximum absorption.

It’s easy to take and absorb the nutrients that can help maintain and repair cartilage, fight joint and muscle inflammation, and fight the release of your body’s pain triggers.

So if your joint pain is preventing you from playing golf, tennis, gardening, or doing any activity you enjoy… now you can get back to having fun without the pain. And you’ll do it without buying a bunch of expensive pills or supplements. That’s why this is the most affordable way to get pain relief. This all natural breakthrough remedy for joint pain provides the kind of deep, soothing pain that you’re going to love.

This advancement in pain relief helps sooth inflammation and ease joint discomfort because your body is absorbing it better than pills that take your body forever to digest.

Or They Don’t Get Digested at ALL!

Unlike pain killers that mask the pain, Flex Easy goes to work on the root cause of your joint pain: your lack of cartilage and joint lubrication!

You get more pain relief compared to regular glucosamine, chondroitin, over the counter pain meds, or even prescribed painkillers. And you’re not subjecting your stomach lining to the damage painkillers can cause. Pain killers like acetaminophen and ibuprofen have side effects which include stomach bleeding, ulcers, and high blood pressure.

Using glucosamine and chondroitin, you boost and reinforce your body’s natural production of cartilage which will cushion your joints, stopping the bones from rubbing together, causing that joint pain.

So whether you want to play golf, go for a hike with your family, walk through a museum or shopping mall without worrying about joint pain, play with your grand kids without worrying about soreness the next day, go dancing with your partner, or just enjoy your favorite hobby…

FlexEasy is How You’ll Do it!

When you get rid of joint discomfort, it changes your life because you have less discomfort when enjoying your daily activities.

So give Flex Easy a try because you’ll get fast, convenient, joint pain relief that improves your life by leaps and bounds. This has been the closest thing to a pain relief miracle I’ve ever personally experienced.

Not only that, but so many patients of mine started telling me that they felt relief and comfort so much faster and easier than anything they had used in the past. I felt the pain disappear and my joints finally enjoy more comfort and deep soothing relief. I noticed the difference in my own pain levels within the first week.

In my practice, I started noticing amazing results compared to regular glucosamine and chondroitin. And it wasn’t just temporary relief like ibuprofen or cortisone shots.

Because i was able to finally enjoy safe, natural pain relief… my peace of mind skyrocketed. I was able to do stuff I couldn’t do before because of the pain.

I Even Started Golfing Again!

Flex Easy started helping ease my pain and helped my patients improve their comfort as well. I feel this is so powerful and effective, I’m writing this page with the hope of helping thousands of people who want to get rid of stubborn joint pain and enjoy relief that their current glucosamine or chondroitin supplements aren’t giving them.

Look, if you’re in pain and you’ve been discouraged by products that don’t work, or haven’t worked as well as you want, I want to offer you the chance to try this safe, natural approach to pain relief… one that works.

It works because your body absorbs the glucosamine and chondroitin faster because it’s liquid… so it enters your blood stream and more of it gets used in the rebuilding process. This way, you can add cushion to your joints… cushioning that can help eliminate joint pain caused by lack of this cushion.

Since formulating it, it has become the only natural, safe, and effective pain relieving formula I use and recommend to clients for relieving joint pain in their knees, hips, and any other joints that are causing aches and discomfort.

It’s the fastest, easiest, most convenient and economical way to get the glucosamine and chondroitin your body absorbs faster and more of…

Which Works to Cushion Your Joints!

I promise, this remarkable new and all natural joint relief formula will help you eliminate your pain and discomfort so much faster… you’ll be amazed at how much better life is.

You’ll have so much more peace of mind when you’re not always focusing on the pain. Life gets a lot better when you’re not always dealing with joint discomfort.

That’s why for anyone who wants to feel joint relief faster and easier, take Flex Easy because you’re doing this naturally, without side effects.

Since it contains natural anti inflammatory and pain enzyme blockers… not only are you helping to rebuild cartilage and re-lubricate your joints… Flex Easy helps relieve joint pain faster. You’ll see inflammation go down as you actually start to lubricate your joints and rebuild your cartilage.

Let Me Show You What’s in Flex Easy…

1500mg Glucosamine Sulfate, 1200mg Chondroitin Sulfate, 500mg MSM, 10mg Hyaluronic Acid – As we age… our bodies lose the ability to manufacture optimal levels of glucosamine. Again, Glucosamine is a part of joint fluid and cushioning.

A decrease in glucosamine often results in cartilage erosion and the development of osteoarthritis. More than 300 scientific investigations and over 20 double-blind clinical trials have proven that glucosamine can provide the body with raw materials that help repair and regenerate cartilage, while stopping further cartilage destruction.

Since ours is in a liquid form, your body will absorb it and use it right away… unlike solid tablets. And chondroitin, part of cartilage tissue, helps support the structure of joints. Chondroitin holds water and encourages nutrient flow around joints.

The recent confirmation that sulfur plays a key role in maintaining your cartilage also led me to add MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane). This is a sulfur-rich compound which helps your joints move easier by improving blood flow to your joints, supporting vital cartilage, and cushioning your joints.

According to Dr. Ronald M. Lawrence, Assistant Clinical Professor of the UCLA School of Medicine… people with arthritis often lack sulfur they need to heal their bodies. In fact, Dr. Lawrence completed a double blind study to test the effectiveness of MSM on pain relief in arthritic patients. And wouldn’t you know it… 80% of the patients felt most of their pain vanish… compared to less than 20% of those who took the placebo.

So, of course we made sure to add MSM to our Flex Easy joint relief supplement, to make it even more powerful and effective when it comes to pain relief. And finally, Hyaluronic Acid is an amino acid that provides extra joint pain relief and lubrication.

500mg Boswellia – In clinical studies, boswellia has been shown to improve symptoms in patients with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Boswellia supports the normal functioning of your body’s connective tissues, joints, flexibility, and range of motion. It’s also an all-natural immune-booster which block the production of inflammatory chemicals.

In one double blind, placebo controlled study, 30 patients received 333 mg, 3 times a day of boswellia. After treatment, the boswellia group experienced significant reduction in knee pain, swelling, and had more flexibility compared to the placebo group. In another study, 47 patients suffering from pain were given 600 mg a day of boswellia for 4 weeks. Those taking boswellia enjoyed a significant decrease in joint pain.

400mg Bromelain – Bromelain is a natural compound shown in scientific studies to contain anti-inflammatory enzymes that have proven ability to suppress the inflammation and pain of many forms of arthritis, sports injuries, and joint conditions.

150mg each Chinese Skull Cap Extract (Root) and Acacia Extract (Heartwood & Bark) – 2 natural pain blockers found to reduce concentrations of two inflammatory agents–nitric oxide synthase and cyclooxygenase-2, or COX-2.

100mg Curcumin – the active inflammatory agent found in the spice turmeric is a very powerful anti-inflammatory agent… shown to be effective in reducing pain swelling and stiffness in rheumatoid arthritis patients.

Since turmeric has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities, it’s proven to be useful in relieving arthritic pains. Scientists even claim that turmeric is more effective than many pharmaceutical medicines for reducing joint pain and easing joint stiffness.

One 2010 study published in Osteoarthritis Cartilage shows that curcumin protects human cartilage and connective tissues from breakdown caused by enzymes. Another clinical study shows turmeric works for the treatment of knee joint problems. This study is in the August 2009 issue of the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

100mg Milk Thistle Extract – this has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Several scientific studies suggest substances in milk thistle protect the liver from toxins including certain drugs such as acetaminophen, which can cause liver damage.

4mg Astaxanthin – another potent anti-inflammatory and pain reliever, blocking different chemicals in your body that make you feel pain signals. Astaxanthin can reduce the inflammatory causes like some prescription analgesics, but without the risk of addiction, stomach bleeds or heartburn.

Astaxanthin blocks COX 2 enzymes just like Celebrex, the drug prescribed for osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis. Oxidative stress can lead to inflammation of the muscles and joints. Astaxanthin can reduce the pain of that kind of inflammation.

It can help your relieve joint pain because this antioxidant helps get rid of harmful free radicals that cause pain and damage. When you get rid of the toxins and free radicals that cause pain and discomfort in your joints, you notice your pain start to diminish fast.

These amazing joint-comfort ingredients bring comfort to your knees, elbows and fingers… even when nothing else does. Each nutrient helps with soothing and calming your joints and they work synergistically together to create relief.

You’ll feel great, even if you walked all day… your hands and fingers won’t hurt if you try to open a jar… and you can enjoy all the activities you miss doing.

FlexEasy Works When Nothing Else Does!

The bottom line is, you’ll enjoy more joint comfort and relief than you’ve ever felt, guaranteed. Picture yourself living life to the fullest and doing all the things you enjoy.

Being liquid, it outperforms solid forms of glucosamine or chondroitin because of it’s FAST absorption. This means you feel relief from joint discomfort quickly.

Because of the liquid form of FlexEasy that’s absorbed faster, but also because of the added nutrients that help with quicker pain relief… I honestly feel this the most powerful and effective joint relief formula. When you use Flex Easy, you’ll have less joint pain and discomfort so you can enjoy daily hobbies and activities…

Without Pain and Discomfort!

I’ve got plenty of success stories from those who are comfortably walking, dancing, working, and living again. And this overwhelming proof is one of the biggest reasons why you can feel comfortable knowing this can help you as well.

After all, having been a Doctor of Chiropractic for 20 years, and having worked with all kinds of high level athletes… I’m a big believer in proof. When there are so many fakes and frauds out there in the supplement industry, you can never get enough proof.

Because results are what matter, right? That’s why I’ve been blown away by how much proof I’ve gotten with Flex Easy and how helpful is has been for people looking to get rid of joint discomfort in a fast, convenient, and cost effective way.

“I’ve been using Flex Easy glucosamine liquid for months. I am an Ex-Tennis Professional who played the Pro Circuit and still play regularly. I noticed within a week my joints and muscles were pain free after working out with the other Pro’s. I feel like I am in my 20’s. This is the most comprehensive Glucosamine formula available today. Glenn Grande- New Hyde Park, NY

“Before I was limping slowly to the mailbox, acutely aware of each step. Now I am not thinking about the act of walking except on the occasions that I realize the pain was fading. I noticed improvements within the first week.” –Mary Ann L. Corona, California
“Dr. Brad, I just ordered two bottles of your Flex Easy glucosamine liquid. Each time I start using it, I can tell a big difference. Glad I found Flex Easy.” –John Smith Wilson, NC
“I took Flex Easy for 4 weeks and noticed I had no more pain or stiffness. I was so thrilled that I told my Chiropractor about your product. Since I’ve been taking your product and going for my adjustments my back has been significantly better. I am able to walk for long periods of time without having to sit, I have significantly better mobility and I don’t have that feeling that my back is going to explode. my Chiropractor and myself are sold on FlexEasy. –Linda Howard

Don’t fall for the Glucosamine or Chondroitin Hoax…

If you’re still using glucosamine or chondroitin tablets, capsules, or other pills, not only are you NOT getting the relief you want… you’re missing out on faster joint pain relief.

With the liquid formula that gets absorbed fast, it will help your hips, knees, hands, and your entire joints move with less discomfort.

That’s right… you know for sure that FlexEasy is working because you’ll FEEL the difference fast!

You can garden, play golf, go dancing, stroll through the park, and do all the things you couldn’t do before.

“Dr. Krueger, I would like to tell you that I’ve had patients that had such knee and joint pain over the years that they were unable to walk very far, yet alone think about exercise. After using FlexEasy, within a month they’ve seen a dramatic decrease in their pain and now are walking for exercise.”–Dr. Rod Langel, DC West Des Moines, IA
Dr. Krueger, I feel one of the reasons this product works so well is the fact that it’s liquid and starts to be absorbed the minute we drink it. Most of the people that need this product are of the age that their digestive processes have slowed down a great deal and the liquid factor eliminates this problem.–Dr. Marvyn Fernald, DC McAllen, TX
“Eight days after I started taking Flex Easy, I noticed a slight pain in my knee late in the afternoon. It was then that I realized I had had almost a full day PAIN FREE. My knee continued to improve and I have had no pain at all for weeks. I was surprised at the effectiveness and have recommended Flex Easy to friends and family members. –Sue Bennett Hillsville, VA

By GLENN WILLIAMSON on November 1, 2015 Have used this for years. Bought originally for pain from wrist injury. Discovered that my FEET hurt less in 1st week of use. Have continued to use since then. Good price and service.

There’s no reason you can’t enjoy this kind of success as well. Whether its discomfort in your neck, shoulders, or back that just won’t go away, FlexEasy can help you move a lot easier again.

When you increase absorption of nutrients, you notice faster joint pain relief and comfort, guaranteed. Since it can easily seep in through your stomach and into your blood stream and into your body, to your joints, so much faster and easier than pills.

Enjoy More Freedom and Independence!

Unlike regular glucosamine and chondroitin, where you can’t tell if they’re working because you don’t feel any difference… with FlexEasy… your knees, hands and fingers move freely, and the aches and stiffness is gone so much faster.

It means enjoying life without worrying about your hips, hands, knees, or any part of your body hurting. Imagine your knees, elbows, and fingers all moving easier.

You’re knitting a blanket for your grandson, taking leisurely walks with your spouse.

By using Flex Easy, you don’t have to suffer pain in your joints anymore. You can enjoy the permanent relief that comes from actually absorbing glucosamine and chondroitin into your body like this product will help you do.

So How Much Does Flex Easy Cost?

The good news is, Flex Easy doesn’t cost anywhere near as much as it should, considering the amount of ingredients in it and the potency.

If you were to buy the separate ingredients in FlexEasy™ individually, they’d cost $90.

Flex Easy is more cost effective per ingredient, since it combines the best of 11 powerful joint support ingredients into one convenient, cost effective formula 1 oz. liquid dose you take once a day.

That means you no longer have to worry about having a shelf full of 11 different expensive pill bottles. Imagine how much more convenient it is to take one liquid dose, instead of a handful of pills.

With one fast, easy, and delicious drink, you get affordable and FAST pain relief that costs you so much less than it would if you bought the individual ingredients separately. No more driving to different stores and buying multiple bottles that get costly.

In fact, I challenge you to compare the amount of ingredients in FlexEasy™ with our leading competitors and you’ll find that, per mg, FlexEasy™ is very affordable.
Don’t be fooled by products that say they contain ingredients but are in such small amounts… it’s ineffective. For example, one of our leading competitors product contains just 8 mg of Boswellia just so they can place ‘with Boswellia’ on the label. Flex Easy contains 500 mg!

That’s another way FlexEasy is different than any other supplement. I don’t cut corners. I’m willing to sacrifice profit to do what’s right, which is make sure you get more comfort.

I know if you use it and really feel the difference, you’ll come back again. That’s how I want to make profit. long term, repeat business with happy customers. My mission is to develop the most effective joint relief product. I’d rather use the most potent ingredients and just reduce profit and make it up with

Quality and Your Comfort is What

You can get a 32 fl oz bottle of FlexEasy™ for just $29.95 with FREE shipping to anywhere within the USA. The bottom line is, you get the soothing joint pain relief you want and deserve for just 90 cents per day! And if you choose to use our convenient auto-ship plan… this drops to just $27.95 per month.

That’s why Flex Easy is the obvious choice when it comes to choosing the best joint relief product available. It offers faster, more effective joint relief in less time and for less money. So go ahead and see for yourself how fast Flex Easy can help you FEEL the difference when it comes to joint pain relief.

Imagine, within days of using Flex Easy, your joints no longer ache as bad, your hips move easily, and your knees, elbows, and hands feel relief. Imagine…being able to go for a lovely walk without worrying how much it will hurt.

When you get rid of joint discomfort, you can do all the things you like and enjoy hobbies and activities. It means enjoying life without worrying about discomfort in your hips, knees, hands or joints. It means a better quality of life!

Healthy joints make it more enjoyable to play with your grand kids, go for a walk with your spouse, play golf, garden, and have fun.

Do More of the Things You Enjoy!

Order FlexEasy™ and get the joint flexibility and comfort that you’ve been looking for. Call our line at 1-800-207-6261 or order securely via credit card or check through PayPal below.

If you’ve been disappointed with glucosamine and other joint supplements, this will be a whole new experience when it comes to natural pain relief! It goes beyond everything else you’ve tried because it gets absorbed and goes to work fast.

And the added ingredients help so much with pain relief, you will not only get to the root cause of your joint pain, you’ll get long-lasting relief you can’t get from any other supplement. So what do you say… ready for the freedom from pain? Ready to wake up each day, free from the joint pain that’s been plaguing you.

In no time, you’ll be able to take up golf again… get back to gardening… play with your grand kids…and reclaim the active life you deserve!

Don’t let pain rule your life, you can live a pain free life with FlexEasy. Don’t delay, enjoy the peace of mind and comfort that comes from having pain free knees, hips, joints, fingers, and more. So stop dealing with aching, stiff joints and decreased mobility and flexibility.

Get back to living the comfortable pain free life you want to enjoy. Give Flex Easy a try… I promise, you’ll never find a more powerful, convenient, cost effective way for joint pain relief that works fast. No other product on the market offers you all of these pain relieving, joint supporting nutrients in one convenient, affordable formula that your body absorbs fast and relieve your aches and joint pain a lot faster.

Bottom line, if joint pain is causing a problem in your life, FlexEasy is the fastest and easiest way to get pain relief and more comfort.

Try FlexEasy today at no risk!

I’m so certain this new breakthrough joint pain relief formula will work for you… you can try it without risk. It’s true, put it to the “test” and try it risk-free. I want you to FEEL the difference when you can move easier because you have less joint discomfort.

If for any reason you’re not satisfied with FlexEasy™, even if you don’t like the color of the bottle, you can return the empty or full bottle for a complete refund (less S&H).That’s right. You risk nothing in trying FlexEasy™. That’s how confident I am that you’ll love this product. You don’t risk a penny because you get the best pain relief, guaranteed.

With a no risk, money back guarantee…

You Lose Nothing But Your Pain or it’s FREE!

I hope you’ve seen how Flex Easy is different. It’s different because it’s liquid, so all the active ingredients get absorbed and used fast. And it doesn’t just contain glucosamine and chondroitin,we made this more powerful by adding 9 other ingredients that are shown in studies to help relieve joint pain and provide you with more comfort.

I’m 100% sure Flex Easy can be the joint-soothing relief you’ve been looking for. So if you’re ready for the joint pain relief that gets you back to being your normal, regular, active self… without worrying about the pain you’ll feel the next day, get Flex Easy now.

You’ll literally see and FEEL the difference. More cushion and comfort when you’re active. More mobility and less discomfort when enjoying your daily activities. And remember, this formula isn’t available in any health food store. So order today if you want to climb stairs, garden, carry groceries, clean your windows, and walk free of discomfort each day.

You can play golf comfortably, go for walks or hikes, garden, and more. Just imagine the NEW you … bending more easily, walking up and down stairs comfortably … crouching on your knees while gardening, … swinging the golf club more freely, … running and biking up and down hills faster… keeping up with your grandchildren.

What do you have to lose? Go ahead and try out the last joint formula you’ll need.

Even if you’ve tried other products before, you’ll be surprised to know the fast, effective relief FlexEasy™ brings.

Look, when absolutely nothing works…FlexEasy can be the one thing that does. In no time, you’ll move easier so you can be more active. You’ll be able to clean the windows, garden, carry the groceries, and do all the things you used to do. Better yet, you’ll be able to do it without the discomfort.

And if you don’t like anything at all about Flex Easy… just return the unused portion (even the empty bottle) and I’ll refund you 100% of what you paid for the product. So if you’re ready to get pain relief that’s safe, convenient, affordable and acts fast, FlexEasy is how you’ll enjoy worry free comfort and peace of mind for years. Order now…

Dr. Brad Krueger, DC.


FlexEasy™ One 32 fl oz bottle; $29.95

(Free USA shipping. International shipping please email me
for a quote.)

Buy 2 Bottles for $53.90

(Free USA shipping. International shipping please email me for a quote.)

FlexEasy™ Monthly Delivery 1 Bottle; $27.95/mo

(Free USA shipping.) Once you’ve experienced feeling better, you’ll
want to be sure a new bottle is on the way every month.

FlexEasy™ Monthly Delivery of 2 bottles;


(Free USA shipping.) 2 bottles to you every month