Gout pain can cause so much suffering. But this does not need to happen. There are several methods someone can use to help get rid of gout. Here are five herbal remedies for gout you can use to help ease your pain.

1. Celery seed. Celery seed is an excellent remedy for helping relieve gout symptoms. Celery seed is very helpful in reducing swelling in your joints. Also, it has the added benefit of helping you reduce uric acid by assisting with elimination of this metabolism byproduct. While this herb is helpful in treating gout, you should not use this if you are allergic to celery seed or pregnant.

2. Bilberry. Bilberry, otherwise known as the European blueberry, also has great health benefits when it comes to treating this disease. Bilberry has more anthocyanins than it’s American counterpart. Anthocyanins are useful for lowering inflammation, which is very beneficial in getting rid of gout pain.

3. Grape seed extract This extract is mostly known for its heart health properties, but it also has the added benefit of being able to help treat hyperuricemia, the medical term for having too high a level of uric acid. Grape seed extract has been shown in tests to help lower uric acid. This will in turn can help reduce the quantity and severity of attacks.

4. Turmeric. Studies from the U. of Arizona show that this spice can help relieve arthritic pain. Turmeric is thought to help in cortisone creation. Cortisone is sometimes used by physicians to help treat severe gout attacks because it reduces swelling and pain. There are also new studies which show that turmeric may be able to reduce weight. The average gout patient is overweight, so you get a possible double bonus when using this supplement.

5. Nettle root. “Stinging nettle” as some people call it has been used in Europe to treat gout for centuries. Most of the time it is used as an infusion tea to help alleviate painful symptoms. Nettle root works by reducing hyperuricemia. It accomplishes this task by aiding the kidneys in flushing out excess uric acid.

Source by Tom Frascone