“Traditionally”, gout only happens to adult males above the age of 30s, but since not so long ago, the trend of gout creeps into the younger generations is growing at an alarming rate. It is not uncommon to hear young men in their 20s complaining about the pain of the swollen big toe but still ignorant to admit that is gout. Somehow it sounds shameful to accept the fact that they are having an “Old Man Disease” at the relatively young age. Sadly, they have to pay much bigger price in the future (costlier medical bills) for the denials they are having now.

Gout is the result of accumulation of excess uric acid in the body, especially when the uric acid crystals form in the synovial fluid of the joints. The formation of these tiny notorious crystals in the joints will be treated by your body immune system as the invasion of foreign substances. As in any other forms of bacteria infection, your body will launch a series of immune reactions that cause the inflammation and pain you experience, which is known as gout.

Back to the question of “Can you get ankle gout at 12 years old?”

The answer is… “Yes! It is possible.”

Gout is the direct result of having too much uric acid accumulated in your body, a condition known as Hyperuricemia. If you are wondering if you are actually having a gout, kindly check on the following list of activities that are the direct causes of uric acid increment in the body:

  • Is your diet mainly high protein meaty foods?
  • Do you often drink soft drinks as an alternative of normal drinking water?
  • Are you one of those modern kids who always stay at home playing digital games and seldom go exercise?
  • Are you in the category of obesity?
  • Are you a big fan of those chemically laced sweets and junk foods?

If you answer “Yes” for 3 or more of the above questions, then it is very likely that you have uric acid crystals forms in your joints and the pain in your ankle and big toe is known as… Gout!

You must change your lifestyle of diet if you want to grow up to be a healthy man in the future. Gout might not be life threatening, but it can definitely take away the quality of your life. How can you go to work when you cannot even stand up to walk? How can you date a girl when you have to wear short pants and sandals most of the time? How can you be romantic when you are in pain most of the time?

Source by Heemen Ee