When considering superfoods and gout, there are several that are known to stop the instance of gout from occurring. The value cherry juice is well known and strawberries may help as well. There are certain chemicals contained in dark colored berries that are thought to lower the uric acid present in the body and reduce the swelling that is present in gout sufferers. There are many other foods that help, too.

Gout is caused by a build up of uric acid in the bloodstream that causes crystals to be formed in the joints and under the skin. This causes swelling, pain and stiffness in the joints most notably the big toe. While it is not limited to the big toe, that is the best known part of the body to get this condition. Working to reduce or eliminate the painful symptoms of gout is accomplished by adding some of the superfoods mentioned to your diet.

Another food that has shown favorable results is oily fish. This would include fish such as salmon. The fatty acids that are present in flax seed is another. There is also evidence that nuts or olive oil can help to reduce the swelling of gout. Instead of eating meat, especially red meat, which has been linked to gout, eat tofu instead.

Superfoods and gout are one of the keys to controlling this problem, so a little advice – check out the superfoods that are recommended. By eating a diet that is low in fat, low in protein and contains a large amount of complex carbohydrates, you may get the relief you need.

Beverages are important, too. Water is one of the best things you can drink to help flush uric acid from the body. Coffee and fruit juices are excellent for helping to reduce uric acid. Check the purine levels in the food you eat and try to avoid those that contain high levels.

Some of these super foods will include different types of cereal that are low-fiber. Breads made from white flour or refined grains are another. Peanut butter and vegetables that are low in purines are good sources of food that will help. Cream style soups, gelatin, nuts and low fat cheese are just a few more of the super foods. Eating avocados, celery and grapes will help to reduce uric acid.

Sources of food that come from animals are high in purines. This is converted by the body to uric acid. So the best idea would be to avoid meat as much as possible, limiting yourself on the amount of lean meat you consume and avoiding red meat.

Now that you know how superfoods can help you reduce or eliminate the symptoms of gout, get started today to get rid of you pain and lead a healthy life. For a free report of how to get rid of gout, check out Gout Facts Here, a site with a wealth of information on eliminating gout.

Source by Judith Allison