Crepitus can be defined as an unexpected creaky noise coming from beneath the skin or due to joint movement or somewhere around the lungs. Also, referred to as snapping joints, popping joints or creaky joints, Crepitus is a growing problem among people of all ages nowadays.

Derived from a word that means frictional sounds, Crepitus can be categorized into several types depending on the region and cause.

Patellofemoral Crepitus happens when the structure of two very important bones of our body, femur and patella which is the knee cap, is not normal. A disorder called Patellofemoral Syndrome or Chondromalacia Patella takes where the friction between the trochlear groove of the femur and patella is more than 20% of that between two ice cubes,

Crepitus can happen in the knee joint too when there is excessive extension or augmentation of the joint which certainly means injury. The main reason can be degeneration of the patella-femoral joint or damages in other joints or joint capsule. Straightaway affecting the kneecap, knee crepitus can be quite alarming.

Crepitus happens in the neck when it has undergone serious soft tissue injuries or large surgeries. Usually no bone is involved in the neck crepitus, hence using anti-inflammatory medication can easily cure the problem.

Shoulder Crepitus generally happens in people who suffer from various osteo problems such as various types of arthritis, crepitus in shoulder gives a painful experience when there is any movement in the shoulder.

Usually a popping or cracking sound in the knee retropatellar crepitus is an indication of severe damage. The reason for such crepitus is the grinding of the two joint bones of the knee. It directly affects the posterior position of the kneecap.

Causes of Crepitus

Crepitus is mainly caused because of the recent disturbances that the joint has suffered which can be sensitive tissue surgery or some major damages to the ligaments or bones. Also, serious joint problems such as Arthritis can cause crepitus at various regions of the body. Crepitus is basically a symptom of a problem than being a problem as it might indicate damages or unceasing injuries. It can also happen in the tissue of the human body when there is a significant amount of air present in them.

Treating Crepitus

In some cases, elastic supports help in preventing further damage to the knee and eases tension on it. Some individuals also find it effective to apply ice packs for 15-20 minutes after exercising. Sometimes, using medicines like Advil, Aspirin or Aleve can also help get relief from pain and other discomforting symptoms.

A number of ways can be adopted to get rid of the annoying noise. Mostly comprising of exercises, methods adopted will not only improve the physical activity of the sufferer as well as increase the movement of the joint. The things that should be avoided while treating Crepitus of the knee are climbing the stairs, aerobics, bending knees, playing some outdoor sport like football, wearing high heeled shoes etc.

Source by Abhishek Gupta