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Various Chiropractic Treatments For Muscle Atrophy

Muscle atrophy is also known as muscle wasting. It is when the mass of the muscle decreases due to several factors. Chiropractic care deals with nerve, muscle and bone disorders. It does not use any form of pharmaceutical medicine and invasive surgical procedures in treating physical and physiological disorders. Chiropractors in restoring and [...]

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The American Version of Roman "Feather-Tickling"

When I attended elementary school, we were taught that rich ancient Romans would tickle the back of their throat with a feather to induce vomiting after dinner. Although that ritual probably put a damper on any postprandial romance (without mouthwash was provided with the meal), it allowed them to engage in their greatest [...]

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Homeopathic Pain Relief Formulas For Arthritis Pain

Homeopathic pain relief formulas are the one hundred percent natural, safe, and the most powerful anti-inflammatory agents on the market today.They also acts as highly effective lubricants in joints, muscles and other tissues. Homeopathic pain relief formulas are also immune system modulators, which can be effective against auto-immune conditions.All of these characteristics contribute [...]

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Natural Treatments for Painful Tendonitis That Actually Work

Tendonitis is a painful condition and can make it difficult to perform everyday activities. Patients suffering from tendonitis can benefit from natural treatments.What exactly is tendonitis? The muscles in our body are connected to the bones with a fibrous structure called tendonitis. Tendonitis involves swelling and inflammation of the tendons; it usually affects [...]

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7 Foods That Cause Gout

One of the biggest reasons for getting gout is eating a diet high in purines. This is because purines turn into uric acid which can accumulate in your joints leading to painful attacks. One of the best ways to prevent this disease is to eat properly. The following is a list of 7 [...]

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Elbow Pain Relief Now Using the Feldenkrais Method

The elbow is a hinge joint that opens and closes like a door, and also rotates like a screwdriver. It is frequently injured in sports and other activities that place a lot of repetitive stress on the arm. The elbow is dependent on proper shoulder function as it shares the same long bone, [...]

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Why Does Bunion Surgery Have Such a Bad Reputation?

Bunions are common foot deformities and one of the most common sources of foot pain. With the exception of wider shoes, padding, and inserts, there is not a lot that can be done to reduce the pain outside of correcting it surgically. While this surgery is very effective when the proper procedure is [...]

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Chiropractic Adjustments a Temporary Fix?

The chiropractic profession is filled with a diverse group of doctors all in search of the answer to long term health through removal of subluxation. The philosophy that is taught in chiropractic colleges across the country is sound in theory, but lacks the clinical protocol to back it up. Subluxation a so-called bone [...]

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Benefits of Green and Matcha Tea Against Arthritis – This Tea May Prevent and Cure Your Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis takes place when the immune system attacks itself, affecting the joints (and other body areas) and creating inflammation, pain, swelling and bone/joint degeneration.The 'miracle' drink benefits. Besides great anti-oxidant effects, matcha - which can be dissolved in warm or cold milk/soy/almond milk with honey (or your choice of natural sweetener) after [...]

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A Diet For Gout – What You Should (And Should Not) Eat If You Have Gout

Gout, a form of arthritis, normally affects men in their mid to late 40's. It is often quite a painful condition and can flare up at any time. For gout sufferers, there is good news regarding your diet...Gout: An OverviewIn order to successfully treat and manage gout, it is important to understand the [...]

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