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What You Should Know About Spasticity and Muscle Spasms

A. Problem SpecificsSpasticity is the state of increased tone of a muscle and an increase in the deep tendon reflexes. For example, with spasticity of the legs (spastic paraplegia), there is an increase [...]

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Psychogenic Sciatica

Psychogenic sciatica is one of the most common lower back and leg pain symptomatic expressions and is almost always misdiagnosed as stemming from a structural spinal source. Psychogenic pain is an epidemic in [...]

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Does Magnet Therapy Really Work?

Magnet therapy has been around for centuries as a way to relieve muscle or joint pain through magnets, which are placed close to the skin. The magnets can be used in a variety [...]

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Text Neck and the Heads Down Generation

There's a new "buzzword" circulating the health news: Text Neck - a term used to describe pain and damage in the neck caused by looking down at a mobile phone.Text Neck is on [...]

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Psoriatic Arthritis Treatment With Omega Daily Green Lipped Mussel

Natural treatment of psoriatic arthritis is a topic of debate because there are some who believe that natural healing solutions can replace traditional medicine. Some believe that this is a huge mistake. Psoriatic [...]

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Joint Pain Relief With Herbalife Joint Support Advanced

Herbalife Joint Support Advanced offers all natural joint pain relief from a problem we only think about "when it hurts"... our joints! Reality tells us that there are 206 bones in the human [...]

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