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Kettlebells and Shoulder Pain – Upper Cross Syndrome

Upper Cross Syndrome causes postural deviations of the neck and shoulder. Tightening and hyperactivity of the internal rotators of the shoulder (e.g. the pectorals) and the neck extensors (e.g. the posterior cervical group, [...]

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Mustard for Health – Speed Up Your Metabolism and Improve Digestion

Mustard is known to be very helpful for digestion, and can help to speed up your metabolism.Mustard produces such a tiny seed yet it yields many health benefits. Mustard is one of the [...]

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3 Fantastic Sciatica Homeopathic Herbal Treatments Which You’ve Never Heard About!

Sciatica homeopathic herbal remedies have been used for many generations to cure sciatica. Sciatica is a condition that can be characterized by the following extremely painful symptoms, back aches, degenerative disc disease, chronic [...]

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Frankincense Proves a Natural Arthritis and Gout Medication

An age old substance could offer new hope for sufferers of inflammatory arthritis and the more common osteoarthritis. That substance is frankincense, a resin derived from the hardy Boswellia tree. Frankincense has been [...]

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Thumb Joint Pain – Easy Tips to Get Rid of Thumb Joint Pain

Thumb arthritis or thumb joint pain is quite common these days because of increased use of thumbs and wrist while working on PC.There are many other reasons of this kind of pain alike [...]

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Does Magnet Therapy Really Work?

Magnet therapy has been around for centuries as a way to relieve muscle or joint pain through magnets, which are placed close to the skin. The magnets can be used in a variety [...]

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