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Causes of Hip And Buttock Pain

Hip buttock pain may be triggered by many different causes and conditions. The goal of this article is to briefly list and describe the most common causes of hip buttock pain, but only [...]

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Can Alcohol Help Your Back Pain?

A lot of people report that they feel more relaxed or numb once the "buzz" of a few drinks hits their system. But does this mean that alcohol can help relieve back pain? [...]

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Penis Function May Be Impacted by Rheumatoid Arthritis

Many young men think arthritis is a problem only for older women - and that myth may be dangerous to their penis function. While it is true that rheumatoid arthritis is three times [...]

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Osteo Arthritis – It’s Important to Avoid Aggravating Foods

There are many causes of osteo arthritis and climate and diet are among them. We can't all live in a warm, Mediterranean climate, which helps to prevent our joints becoming cold and stiff. [...]

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Top 3 Reasons Why You Suffer From Pain In The Back Of The Knee

Pain behind the knee is something many of us have or might experience if we play sports that involve bending at the knees, running, tennis, or any activity that puts strain on the [...]

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EMS – A Cure for Osteoarthritis?

EMS stands for Electro Muscle Stimulation. In simple terms an electronic machine is used to stimulate the muscles. In more complicated terms it is a low voltage waveform, applied through conductive pads, placed [...]

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