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FlexEasy™ can be ordered directly from this website and shipped to your door. In the near future it will be sold through health food/nutrition stores, chiropractic clinics and physical and massage therapy offices. If your local store or office isn’t carrying it yet please make sure to mention to them to come to our website and sign up and order the product wholesale.

The Chinese skullcap and Circumin in the product can help counter act this as they have been shown to lower blood sugar, and stevia does not cover up the taste of these ingredients at all.

Yes, shellfish allergies are to a protein within the meat of the fish, not the shell itself.

Yes, you can take FlexEasy™ concurrently with other prescription anti-inflammatories in the beginning, as there are no drug-nutrient interactions of concern here. With time you may be able to wean yourself off of the prescription drugs or greatly reduce the dosage as FlexEasy™ kicks in.

The only thing to be concerned about is combining FlexEasy™ with Warfarin or Coumadin as the curcumin content from FlexEasy™ may increase the anti-coagulant effects of these drugs. However, to date there are no reported cases of this nutrient producing a bleeding disorder in patients taking Warfarin or Coumadin, so it requires that the attending physician monitor the prothrombin time or INR, to be sure that it is in the ideal range. In fact, the use of this supplement should help to lower the required dosage of Warfarin to attain the desirable range in regards to the INR.

*references from: Dr. James Meschino at:

A recent report in the Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism (Pouwels, M.J., et al, 2001: 86, 5: 2099-2103) demonstrated that even when glucosamine was infused directly into the brachial artery of 18 healthy subjects, there was absolutely no evidence of blood sugar irregularities or disruption of insulin secretion.

Furthermore, because arthritic patients can become more active with the help of glucosamine, then that in itself will improve the diabetic state as exercise improves insulin sensitivity, reduces excess body weight and improves many facets of cardiovascular health. It will still be best to keep your physician aware that you are using glucosamine so that blood sugar monitoring can be performed. However, glucosamine is not contra-indicated in diabetic people at this time.

Yes it is safe to take for those of you who are allergic to sulfite and sulfate-containing drugs. Because the word sulfate in this instance refers to the mineral sulfur and not the class of molecules categorized as sulfites and sulfates that are used in drugs and as preservatives. No one is allergic to the mineral sulfur as it is already in cells of the body.

FlexEasy™ is a 32 day supply where you take 1 fl. Oz. Per day (2 Tbsp.). It has a Tangerine-Orange flavor and you can take it alone or mix it in any drink you wish. You can find the ingredient list on the home page. I personally take 1 Tbsp. in the morning before work and 1 Tbsp. at night before bed. (I’ve had three knee surgeries before the age of 18 from athletics. I know what joint pain is about!)

 We don’t use collagen because collagen can’t be absorbed without first being broken down into its amino acid components, Glycine, Proline, Hydroxyproline and Arginine.  So it would be best to just supplement these with an amino acid drink/protein shake or eat a lot of marbled steak.  In addition you would need extra vitamin c to help transport these across cell membranes.  You would still need the glucosamine/chondroitin/msm/hyaluronic acid which are natural components of cartilage tissue and synovial fluid and can be absorbed by the body.  A lot of tablets aren’t absorbed well because of the hard compaction. We could only fit so many things into a fluid supplement drink, keep it affordable, and we chose to go with more natural anti-inflammatory and natural pain fighting ingredients in addition to the natural components of cartilage tissue.  That is what has worked better for us, but the amino acid supplements would help as well.

We don’t say that because there is no such thing.  It is a made up marketing term.  If anything was pharmaceutical then it wouldn’t be a supplement.  It would be classified as a drug and regulated by the FDA.

Glucosamine, chondroitin, msm, hyaluronic acid, circumin, bromelain, boswellia, chinese skullcap, acacia extract, astaxanthin, all have blood thinning properties.  That is what makes them good natural anti inflammatories.   So there won’t be a comprehensive joint health supplement that doesn’t thin the blood naturally.

FlexEasy™is in glucosamine liquid form plus more for maximum absorption so you aren’t wasting your money only absorbing partial amounts of pills or tablets.

Finally, beware of companies that have lots of different ingredients listed as being in their product but the amounts are so little in quantity. This, in effect, makes these ingredients not as available and/or in non-helping amounts to the body. But it sure looks good on their label! For example, FlexEasy™ has 500 mg Boswellia per serving available to the body, whereas a competitor only has 8mg per serving!

Yes it is gluten free and here are the supplement facts:



A: It isn’t going to help you or perform well in a study when those tablets are undigested inside you or study participants like this: