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How Does Frontline Spot On Flea Treatment Work?

If your pet is infested with a bad case of fleas one of the best ways to treat it is to apply Frontline spot on flea treatment. This flea control product will effectively control fleas which are breeding and feeding in your pet's fur. Once you apply the treatment to their fur it [...]

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Arthritis Trigger Finger – What is it and What Can You Do About It?

Stenosing tenosynovitis is more commonly known as trigger finger arthritis. There is a misconception that the trigger finger is the pointer or index finger when it comes to this kind of arthritis. This is because the index finger is particularly used in pulling the trigger of a gun. But the truth is arthritis [...]

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Arthritis Natural Remedies

Rheumatoid arthritis is also classified as an autoimmune disease (immune cells attack the body's own healthy tissues). The joints are primarily affected by rheumatoid arthritis, but there can be systemic effects (i.e. Researchers have worked for years to find the cause of the abnormal autoimmune response associated with rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) [...]

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Psoriatic Arthritis Treatment With Omega Daily Green Lipped Mussel

Natural treatment of psoriatic arthritis is a topic of debate because there are some who believe that natural healing solutions can replace traditional medicine. Some believe that this is a huge mistake. Psoriatic arthritis is a serious disease and if left untreated will worsen to the point where an individual is unable to [...]

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The Benefits You Get From Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a highly recommended treatment for people suffering from chronic pains such as rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and even pains associated with certain conditions, like hyperthyroidism. It is proven to be very effective in reducing pain and restoring the "normal" or better quality of life.Listed below are other benefits can you get from [...]

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Get Rid Of Arthritis Pain Forever

I know the secret to getting rid of arthritis pain forever and it is not taking drugs. A few years ago I accidentally discovered how to rid one's self of arthritis pain, naturally. Osteoarthritis affects joints in a different way depending on their location in the body, causing various symptoms. Arthritis pain can [...]

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Reactive Arthritis – Known As the Immune System Arthritis

Reactive arthritis is a type of arthritis that involves the immune system, which is "reacting" to the presence of bacterial infections in the body. It is a chronic form of the disease and it manifests itself in three conditions. First, the presence of swollen joints, then the swelling of the eyes, called conjunctivitis, [...]

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Total Knee Replacement: Advantages and Disadvantages

Do you suffer from severe knee pain, stiffness and immobilization in your knee that affect your ability to do things? Does the knee pain remains painful despite taking physiotherapy, steroid injections, doing exercise, and using walking supports? Well, it sounds you are a candidate for total knee replacement surgery.There are several medical conditions [...]

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Arthritis Treatment: Gouty Arthritis – A Serious and Deadly Disease

Elevated blood uric acid and gout are common conditions in the United States. Data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2007-2008 (NHANES) has indicated that gout affects almost 4 percent of the population.That's 8.3 million people. But more disturbing is the fact that gout incidence has more than doubled in the [...]

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TMJ Pain Relief

One in four Americans suffers from TMJ or TMD symptoms. The symptoms can range from clicking of the joint when opening to severe debilitating pain. Not only can the TMJ be affected, the back of the head, shoulders, neck can also be affected. Less recognized areas affected are: pain in the lower back [...]

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